HIBY R3 II – a new musicbox

Just got one of these. Steadily becoming my favorite musicbox.

Still-life w/ Funkos and Bluetooth.

I’ll add more later. 🙂

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Bluetooth iPods

iPod 30 pin Bluetooth adapter

I have devoted the 1Mii ML300 to the HIFI Walker

Two-sided tape, for the win!

So, here is my Bluetooth solution for the iPods.

SIDE NOTE: I have the little Kokkia I-10 Bluetooth transmitter. That only works in original Apple firmware, not Rockbox. (Discussion in Rockbox forum) So, it works on all three nanos, the mini, and the iPod Video. In my case, this is only useful to me on the nano 5, as it is not Rockboxable. I will add a timing test for that at the end of all the others, just for shits and grins.

Just FYI, I usually use them in the Apple dock on the TV stand, which feeds into the Soundscape.




I had one of these a long time ago. Sadly, it cracked. Still works, but not really fit for dropping into a pocket. The specific one I have is no longer available at Amazone, but this is the exact same thing with a different label. So, I have one of these now.

Yoda’s cousin, YOVDA.


Line-out audio, so no volume control (except the iPod video, which behaves differently due to the way things are wired up. It has volume control way down on the low end of the scale, in Rockbox)

Powered by iPod, which is nice. It is kind of a drain tho. Read on a bit, mate… Read on.



I bought this to have a Bluetooth receiver with volume control, due to the previously mentioned line-out audio. Again, I had one very similar to this previously (but I cannot find the damn thing), and it is no longer available at Amazone. This is very close. Pretty decent battery life!

The silver plug is removable.



Micro-USB charge port.

Can be used while charging.

X.X hours use from full charge (will update after data collection)


Here’s all the data from my informal in-house testing. YMMV.


Settings I use:

screen blank/backlight off after 10 seconds.

Assorted mp3s (mostly 160kb and a few 320kb) on shuffle.

Rockbox: Crossfade and Replaygain enabled

Apple OS: Crossfade and Sound Check enabled


Devices tested on:

(Will be updating the data as the tests are completed, in listed order)


iPod nano 1

330mah refurbished battery

2Gig storage


4.5 hours use from full charge


iPod nano 2

original battery as far as I can tell (eventually sending out for refurb)

4Gig storage


6.0 hours use from full charge.


iPod nano 5

refurbished 250mah battery

16Gig storage

Apple OS

4.25 hours use from full charge.


iPod mini 2

refurbished 600mah battery

256Gig flash upgrade storage


X.X hours use from full charge.


iPod Video 5.5

refurbished 3000mah battery

256Gig flash upgrade storage


X.X hours use from full charge.


iPod nano 5 (shits and grins Kokkia I-10 test)

refurbished 250mah battery

16Gig storage

Apple OS

X.X hours use from full charge.


Okie dokie… that about wraps this post up.

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B4tp0d Cyb0rg Hifi Walker H2 Library ROCKBOX soundscape

The Retro-Apple-Device Batcaev Soundscape Library

Greetings and salutations.

I am out on the Bat-alcony enjoying the nice weather (for a change), and wanted to share how I keep my library of music sorted.

Teh B4TP0D, and my buddy Guinness.

I keep my master iTunes library on the B4TD4P (HiFi Walker H2). I use Rockbox on it, which can scan the files for its database, and I can make iTunes playlists, and export them to the media in the H2. I have a script that trims the file paths so the H2 can find and play the music.

I have two other devices that have enough capacity to store #allteht00nz. Teh B4TP0D (iPod video 5.5) and CYB0RG (iPod Mini 2nd gen). Each has 256G flash media.

Teh B4TP0D

I created 3 scripts overnight/today (couldn’t sleep) to help keep everything sync’d.

The first uses rsync to keep a clone (on a little 250g Toshiba SSD) of iTunes from the H2. Once it is synced, I unmount the H2 and rename the SSD disk label to match the H2 disk label. That way, the iTunes on my laptop will work just like it does with the H2.

Scripts 2 and 3 use rsync to update B4TP0D and CYB0RG, from the clone. These syncs are just the directory hierarchy for the iTunes library, and the music files. This excludes the other iTunes files (XML/library files/etc). Since they are used solely as Rockbox, like the H2, they can scan the media, and even use the same exported playlists.

Updating CYB0RG.

I use the clone drive as iTunes source, until I want to add new music. Then I use the H2 as the source for iTunes, add the music, and then do the rsync again.

May sound kinda TL;DR, but it does true syncing, in that it deletes removed items from the target. This keeps the H2 available as a music box, as well.

My library is just under 17k tracks, and I am not adding new music every day.

Trust me, this is much better than manually trying to keep everything sync’d by hand. That was tedious, and shit kept creeping out of sync.

Anywaze, thanks for reading!

Enjoying the fruits of my labor.

Have a nice day.

Have a fucking new year.

Hifi Walker H2 ROCKBOX

HIFI Walker H2 DAP Part 3 (A Theme)

Hello again.

This is teh B4TD4P, w/ a different theme.

Hahaha! Now it’s really the B4TD4P!

Native Rockbox on HIFI Walker H2.

Modded PodBlue theme. Compiled the build myself from latest code. The Batlogo is also the boot up screen.

Batman approves.

Works fine with external 1Mii BT transmitter.


Thanks for reading!

Hifi Walker H2 ROCKBOX

HIFI Walker H2 DAP

(aka B4TD4P)

This little thing is the best DAP I have used/owned to date.

HIFI Walker H2 (w/ 256g micro SD)

Back (w/ 1Mii ML300 BT Backpack)

Using Rockbox, native build.

Sadly, the built-in Bluetooth doesn’t work (yet) in Rockbox.

Hence the backpack.

1Mii ML300

This is using a slightly modified Rockbox theme called iClassic Square

You can find the player at Teh Amazone

This is as nearly perfect as it gets.

Thanks for reading!


The Retro-Apple-Device Batcaev Soundscape Part 1


My apartment (Teh Batcaev) has 4 different AirPlay speakers placed around to provide a ‘soundscape’ from a single audio source.

Some of the AirPlay sources are easily made portable, to allow use outside (on Teh Bat-alcony).

A lot of the tech in use for this is older (vintage?) Apple hardware/software.

There is/are also some jailbroken devices/software in use.

It has taken some time to get things to where I am not feeling the urge to adjust/change it around anymore.

This is the first of however-many-it-goes posts on what the setup is/what had to be done to get it all in place.

First off, hardware (in no particular order):


A) the main workhorse: harlequin, the mid 2011 2.5 GHz iMac 21.5”, with 8G of RAM, 750G disk space (250 G SSD/500G HDD), running High Sierra (10.13.6)

B) storage and services: selina, a Dell Precision T3500 workstation, running Linux and also a virtual Mac. 24G of RAM. Assorted internal/external drives.

2) AirPort Express base station.

3) Bose Sounddock 2 iPod speaker dock

4) JBL Partybox Encore speaker

5) Philips PHIL-DS3000 iPod speaker dock

6) A1153 Apple Universal iPod dock (2 of these) w/ aluminum remotes from earlier Apple TV models

7) Saiyin Mini Bluetooth Amplifier

8) TENELAY M1 2 in 1 Out 3.5mm Stereo Audio Switch (2 of these)

9) 1Mii B03PRO+ Bluetooth transmitter

10) FiiO BTR5-2021 Bluetooth receiver

11) the iPods/iPhones

5.5th gen iPod Video



2nd gen iPod Mini



1st gen iPod nano


(Battery updated)

4th gen iPod Touch



2nd gen iPod Shuffle


(Battery updated)

4th gen iPod Shuffle


5th gen iPod nano


(Battery updated)

iPhone 4S (3 of these) 16g iOS 6.1.6


Modded = updated w/ iFlash and replaced batteries

Jailbroken = Airplay speaker capable

Family photo

All Teh Thingz

Also, the HIFI Walker H2

Teh B4TD4P

That’s all for now.

Part 2 will be more about harlequin!

Ooooooo… aaaaaah…

Thanks for reading!


I love my rectangle!!eleven!!